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Why Use An Agent?

Travel Agent vs. the Internet

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Many of us find ourselves surfing the Internet in search of information and shopping convenience. With so many options available to you, you might find yourself asking:

Whatís the benefit in booking my trip with a travel agent versus an online company?

One reason is personalized service. The travel agents of Gulliverís Travel like to get to know you. So we ask a lot of questions.

What kind of traveling have you done in the past? 

What expectations do you have to make this a fulfilling trip?

Is there any particular service or amenity that you would like the hotel/resort to provide?

After gathering this information, our agents can begin researching the details of your trip.

Gulliver’s Travel has unlimited resources to literally thousands of companies, including: vacation wholesalers, cruise lines, airlines, resorts/hotels, sightseeing excursions & car rentals. The considerations are endless and the travel professionals at Gulliverís Travel can help you decide on the vacation thatís best suited to your personality, desires and needs.

At Gulliverís Travel, if itís a vacation package your interested in you can expect several options of hotel choices, tour companies and a variety of pricing. An internet site may limit your options and pricing to selective suppliers in their best interests- not yours. Gulliverís Travel offers years of travel experience, and draws on this destination knowledge when providing suggestions and advice. Our agents take into consideration our past customers trips and pass that valuable information on to you. Something may look nice in a brochure or on line, but in reality be a poor choice.

Another benefit to utilizing the expertise of a Gulliverís travel agent is insider knowledge. We can advise you on when the best time is to avoid long lines at Walt Disney World, when hurricane season is, whether or not you can drink the water, what the best shopping deals are on the island and how much you can purchase duty free. Need advice on what to see and do while on your trip? Not a problem thatís what weíre here for.

In the unfortunate event you should need to cancel your trip or make changes to your travel itinerary, most people prefer to deal with someone face to face.

Youíll need answers to basic questions such as:

Is there a cost to change my reservation?

Am I under penalty to cancel?

What does my trip insurance cover?

Gulliverís Travel strives for your vacation to be the best, but sometimes the unexpected can happen. Luggage may get lost, flights delayed or even canceled, unexpected problems can arise. Itís comforting to know you have a travel agent assisting you and representing you should it be needed.

Gulliverís Travel has been offering friendly, professional travel services since 1988. We are always happy to answer questions, provide complimentary brochures, research pricing and check availability.

So give us a call at (636) 379-2700, send us an email, or stop by the office.

After all We Have A World to Offer!

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